Young People

St Thomas Road Surgery have recently been accredited as Young Person/Teenage Friendly.

C Card Scheme & Chlamydia Screening Packs

We participate in the C Card Scheme for condoms and we also have chlamydia screening available in surgery.  The C Card Scheme is run by Nurse Kathy Wood, Nurse David Lighten and Nurse Sarah Roberts and appointments are available with them throughout the day.  If you have already registered for the scheme please discreetly show your card at reception who will be able to assist you.


All staff at the surgery are bound by our Confidentiality Policy (please see link below) so even if you under the age of 16 you can still talk to our staff without parents/guardians being informed.  However, under certain circumstances, for example if we thought you or someone was at risk of harm, we may be obliged to pass details onto other agencies.

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Confidentiality Policy for Patients under 18 years of age


  • The Practice recognises that the principles of confidentiality apply equally to all patients, irrespective of age.

  • The Practice will ensure that its staff recognise that all patients under 18 are entitled to the same level of confidentiality as all other patients, including being respectful of any request to withhold information from their parents or guardians and take all necessary steps to ensure that this right of confidentiality is not inadvertently breached.

  • Where a young person requests a consultation at the Practice premises, they will be booked in to see a clinician in the normal way.

  • In the event that a young person attends the surgery without a pre-booked consultation and without adult support, the normal procedure for providing them with a consultation appointment will take place.

  • If the request is for an urgent appointment, the young person will be triaged by referral to a Practice Nurse.

  • Should the young person independently request medical advice or treatment (including contraceptive advice, abortion, other treatments and surgical procedures), the Practice clinician involved in the consultation with the young person will determine their competency and capability to understand the choices of treatment available and the consequences of such treatment.

  • When such competency and capability is deemed to exist, the Practice clinician will provide appropriate medical advice or initiate suitable treatment.