The following products will not be available on prescription in Wakefield from the 1st May 2017.

• Sunscreen for skin protection from UV radiation
• Cream for unwanted facial hair and other products that are mainly for cosmetic purposes
• Emollient (moisturiser) for minor skin conditions
• Camouflage products e.g. make-up for port wine stain birthmarks
• Multivitamins, where no specific deficiency has been identified
• Expensive brands of medicines if a suitable ‘generic’ alternative is available which costs less.

The following items will not be available from the 1st July

• Soya and thickened infant formula (baby milk)
• Infant formula (baby milk) for lactose intolerance
• Gluten free food products


Why are these products not available on prescription?

NHS Wakefield CCG decided to stop providing these products on prescription because they offer limited health benefits, are low clinical priority, or can be purchased at a relatively low cost in supermarkets and pharmacies

In the case of infant formula (baby milk), products are available to purchase at a similar cost to regular formula; for those who use milk tokens, these can be exchanged for the formula for lactose intolerance.  Please note that specialist infant formulae for cows milk protein allergies (CMPA) and premature babies will continue to be available on prescription.

Your local NHS spend over £1.1 million a year on widely available, over-the-counter medicines like those listed above.  By making the change we can spend this money on drugs and treatments that have much more impact on people’s health.

Most of these products are available locally at a relatively low cost or at a similar cost to regular products.

Your local community pharmacist will be able to advise you on the best products to meet your specific needs.  Products are available from a range of sources including pharmacies and supermarkets.  You can also find general health advice on the NHS Choices website at:

Expensive Branded Medicines

All medicines have a generic name.  They may also have one or more brands names chosen by the manufacturing company.  Generic and branded medicines have the same active ingredients and the same clinical effect.  In the UK there are strict quality control before a medicine can be prescribed so generis and branded versions or the same medicine will be of the same quality.

NHS Wakefield CCG have decided to stop providing these branded products on prescription because they the same active ingredients and clinical effect as generic products but can be up to 56 times more expensive.

The colour, size and shape of a medicine may change depending on which company makes it.  However, the medicine will have the same clinical effect as your usual brand.

Check with your community pharmacist if you have any concerns about the use of a particular medicine.

For further information please pick up a leaflet from the surgery or your local pharmacy. Should you have any questions or comments about these changes, please contact the Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS): Telephone: 0800 0525 0270 (Mon – Fri: 8.30am to 4.30pm) or email [email protected]